(Dog Reference: PPR17-51)

The adoption donation fee for Midget is $250

What is Included in My Adoption Fee?

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Midget is an 8 year old male Yorkie Mix. He is neutered and housebroken. He belonged to a 95 year old lady. He was recently diagnosed with diabetes and she was unable to give him his insulin injections. He is a lovebug - wants to be in your lap most of the time. (LOVES to destroy stuffed animals!) Has a good appetite and likes to wander in the yard. He gets along with other dogs (just ignores them). He loves to go on walks and follows his person from room to room. He is cage trained although he doesn't really like it. He barks to go outside and to ask for water. His demeanor reminds me of a Schnauzer. He prances when he walks and he holds his head up high! (Yep, he's a snooty dog. Lol !) More info coming soon!
PPR, with veterinary advice, decided that Midget would benefit from cataract surgery. His surgery was performed on August 2.

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Midget has recuperated nicely from his cataract removal surgery. It's like seeing a new dog! Thank you Puppy Pals Rescue and their donating friends for giving him a new lease on life! He is now looking for his new furever family!
If you can help us with the extra expenses for Midget, please use the donation button below.

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Selfies with my foster mom!

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Lookin' good!

If you have questions about this pup, please contact the foster home at the link below. If you think this is the pup for you, please go to PPR's Applications Page and apply! Please email the foster home at the link below to let them know you have applied, as sometimes forms seem to get lost in cyberspace.
PPR pups are featured at Petco in Centerville at the Cross Pointe Center one Saturday each month from Noon – 2:00. Check PPR's Events Page for dates and contact the foster home at the link below to see if this pup will be attending! (Please note that we do not do on-site adoptions. There is an application process which includes references and a home visit.)
Would you like to meet this pup? If an application is completed (no obligations) – we could arrange a meet and greet if you are local to this pup's foster home.

Midget is being fostered in Beavercreek by Alicia. Please use this link to email with any questions you may have.

If the link does not work, please copy and paste the following address: alicia.heidorn@gmail.com

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