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Hi everyone! My name is Lola and I'm a sweet little 4-year old, 6.8 pound Chihuahua. I have completed my treatment for heartworm and have an "all clear" from my veterinarian... so now I can start looking for my forever home! I will be getting my spay sutures out on Thursday 11/16, but otherwise I'm all set. (My vaccines are up to date. I will need a follow up heartworm test on/around February, 2018. I will need lifelong heartworm prevention!)
You can read all about me and my treatment process below!

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My story starts with me being surrendered to the animal shelter because my previous family "didn't have time to take care of me".  They also told the shelter I was left outside a lot.  When the shelter took me to the vet to get spayed, they found out I had heartworm.  Luckily Puppy Pals Rescue pulled me from the shelter and I went to live with my foster family.  I've been undergoing heartworm treatment and I've been a very brave girl through it all.  I'll be done with treatment in mid-October and if it's a success, I'll be able to be spayed and microchipped - and find a forever family.  Heartworm dogs can go on to lead normal, healthy lives - and I'm a strong, young girl who will make a great addition to any family. 

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My foster family thinks I'm just great! I'm quiet and I get along great with my two dog brothers . I have two cat brothers that I'm interested in, but they don't cause much of a reaction in me. (I've even been caught kissing one of them!!). I go to bed easily and sleep a straight 7-8 hours in my bed. I also love naps in the big human bed and on the couch. I love my stuffed toys - I get them all out of my toybox every morning and line them up to show my foster mom before she goes to work. We are working on complete potty training - I'm smart so I'll get it!!
My foster mom thinks I would do great in any home without small children . I'm tiny and I don't like sharing my human with little ones, but otherwise… I'm pretty easy going. I think I'd really love to travel with my new people! Maybe a retired couple who goes on RV trips, or someone who has a weekend lake house or goes camping? I'm very adventurous but I also love to chill out after a fun day. (I'm snoring on the couch right now!). I didn't get to do much in my previous home, and I'm on crate rest during my treatment, so I'll be stoked to get out and see the world. I love seeing new things, going new places, and meeting new people and new dogs.

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For a Chihuahua I'm really very quiet and easygoing.    I'm very easy to keep groomed - a curry brush and nail trims are about all I need to keep me looking my best.  I fit perfectly on a lap or snuggled into my doggy backpack.  My forever family can count on me for laughs and love and many years of joy.  
If you want to know more about me let Puppy Pals Rescue know and they will put you in touch with my foster mom. Thanks for reading my story.
Puppy love and kisses to you - Lola
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August 28 Update from Lola:
Hi everyone! I wanted to let you all know how I’ve been doing since I started my heartworm treatment. My first phase was a vet visit to outline my treatment plan, which started with a course of antibiotics and starting on heartworm preventive, along with flea/tick preventive. My foster mom also made sure I was started on some great nutrition, had my nails trimmed, and a good bedtime routine so I could stay calm and rested. I received my first set of injections on Monday, 08/21/2017. They hurt very much, but I was a very brave girl through it all. I had to spend the night at the hospital to make sure I didn’t have any bad side effects but I was allowed to go home the next day on crate rest. I sure was glad to be home and sleeping in my own bed with my foster family around me! My next set of injections is in mid-September and they will be a little more rough – and I’ll have to stay TWO nights in the hospital!! I do get lots of cuddles and love at the hospital, and my foster mom is there with me, so it’s not all bad.
Well, that’s all for now. I’ll let you know how my next round of shots goes. Puppy love and kisses, Lola

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September 23 Update from Lola's foster mom:
I wanted to share with you all that Lola had her final Imeticide injections this week (and spent three days at the veterinary clinic). She was an absolute trooper through it all - it's a very painful treatment with many unpleasant side effects. She's back home with us now being her normal silly self.
On/around 10/20 she will have a blood test to see if treatment was successful.    We can then look into spaying her and finding her forever home.  She should not go to a home with small children as she does get a little protective of her "person" (which is her foster mom right now!).  She's definitely got the Chihuahua personality. 
She will require another blood test in the months to follow and of course will always need heartworm preventive.
This is a very sad situation she's been put in and no animal should have to go through what she is going through with treatment. I have faith she's gonna beat it! She's only 4 and deserves a long happy life.

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10/20/2017 Update from Lola:
Exciting news - I'm clear of heartworm!! I will need followup blood tests but I am CURED! I celebrated all weekend with a walk and playing in the yard! I'm scheduled for spay and microchip on 11/2, and then I will be ready for my forever home. Thanks to everyone for the love and healing thoughts - it worked!
Puppy hugs and kisses - Lola

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