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In the words of a recent PPR adoptive family: "I cannot tell you how happy my husband and I are with the little guy we adopted in Feb. of this year. He won our hearts on the very first encounter and the love has grown only stronger ever since. Somehow I think a rescued dog knows what you have done for him and is the best most loving companion you could ever imagine. Our dog has fit right in as a member of the family since the first day. I cannot say enough about the rewards of pet adoption. If anyone feels any hesitation concerning adoption, I guarantee you will not regret it."

Here you can see our available rescue dogs that need a furever loving home. Just click on a picture or name below to read more info on each little cutie!

What is Included in My Adoption Fee?

Candy Thumbnail

Candy - A 9 year old, 11 pound Female Chihuahua Mix

Chloe1513andJade1512 Thumbnail

Chloe - ADOPTION PENDING! A 3 year old purebred Yorkie

Fred Thumbnail

Fred - A 2.5 year old, 10 pound Male Chihuahua Mix (not ready for adoption yet)

Gizmo Thumbnail

Gizmo - A 6 year old, Special Needs Male Shih Tzu

Jade Thumbnail

Jade - A 6 year old, 13 pound Female Purebred Yorkie

Johnny1435 Thumbnail

Johnny - A 6.5 year old, 10 pound Male Chihuahua/Pomeranian Mix.

Lola1514 Thumbnail

Lola - ADOPTION PENDING!! A 6 year old, 7.5 pound Female Yorkie/Jack Russell Mix.

Maverick1510 Thumbnail

Maverick - ADOPTION PENDING!! A 1 year old, 9 pound Male Maltese-Poodle Mix.

Murphy Thumbnail

Murphy - A 10 year old, Male Shih Tzu

Piper1466 Thumbnail

Piper - ADOPTION PENDING!! A 2.5 year old, 9.5 pound Female Papillon.

Sophie1508 Thumbnail

Sophie - ADOPTION PENDING!! A 4 year old, 14 pound Female Chihuahua being fostered in Jeannette, Pennsylvania

Taco    Thumbnail

Taco - ADOPTED!! A 7 year old, Male Chihuahua

Tito1509 Thumbnail

Tito - ADOPTED!! A 6 year old, 6.7 pound Male Chihuahua

Welsie1515 Thumbnail

Welsie - ADOPTED!! A 10 month old, 7 pound Female Pom-Doxie Mix

Courtesy Listings

Puppy Pals Rescue is listing the following dogs as a courtesy to the owners. Puppy Pals Rescue is not liable for the actions of these dogs or their owners. Puppy Pals Rescue is not responsible for choosing an adoptive home for these dogs. Please do not contact Puppy Pals Rescue for information about these dogs, as they are not in our care. A link is provided on their page for contacting the owners.

There are no courtesy listings at this time

class="contentContainer">Charlie - Has been adopted!! see his story in Happy Tails

Gretchen - Has been adopted!! see her story in Happy Tails

Lola - Has been adopted!! see her story in Happy Tails

Spay or Neuter Your Pet


  1. My life is likely to last 10-15 years. Any separation from you is likely to be painful.
  2. Give me time to understand what you want of me.
  3. Place your trust in me. It is crucial for my well-being.
  4. Don't be angry with me for long and don't lock me up as punishment. You have your work, your friends, your entertainment, but I have only you.
  5. Talk to me. Even if I don't understand your words, I do understand your voice when speaking to me.
  6. Be aware that however you treat me, I will never forget it.
  7. Before you hit me, before you strike me, remember that I could hurt you, and yet, I choose not to bite you.
  8. Before you scold me for being lazy or uncooperative, ask yourself if something might be bothering me. Perhaps I'm not getting the right food, I have been in the sun too long, or my heart might be getting old or weak.
  9. Please take care of me when I grow old. You too, will grow old.
  10. On the ultimate difficult journey, go with me please. Never say you can't bear to watch. Don't make me face this alone. Everything is easier for me if you are there, because I love you so. ALWAYS!

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