Adoption Application Form for Puppy Pals Rescue

When you complete our application, you will receive a notice to inform you that it is on file. If we need further information, or if you are being strongly considered for one of our dogs, you will be contacted by a member either by telephone or email.

All applicants must be at least 21 years of age. Prove responsible as the primary care giver of the dog (including spaying/neutering of current family pets). Have financial stability. If you rent, we require a letter from your landlord giving you permission to keep a dog on the premises and stating that there are no insurance problems.

Adoption donations are based primarily on the age of the dog and typically range from $100 - $400. The adoption donations help pay for the vet bills incurred while the dog was in our care, usually the bills go far beyond the adoption donations.

Dog Adoption Form

Number of children living at home:

When you press the Confirm Details button, a new screen will open saying "Bravenet: Please confirm to continue" on this screen you will see all your answers and at the bottom 4 characters in a speckled box which you have to enter in the box provided and press the "continue>>" button (this helps us to keep the spam email down).

Once you do this you will be returned to the Applications form page of our website and your form will be sent to us, Thank you.


Please note we are not looking to "get rid of" or "find a fast home" for our fosters. We are looking for the best possible home for each and everyone of our dogs, so while you might provide a good and loving home for one, the foster parent might find another application that fits the needs of that particular dog better. There will most likely be another dog that will fit into your home and family better. The dogs are evaluated and their needs assessed before we make any effort to place them.

I understand that I am not guaranteed a dog by filling out an application. I officially state that the information provided on this application is true and correct.